The MSC Learning Center offers an online e-Learning subscription making it easy for you to fit training without leaving your office!

The MSC Learning Center is designed to suit our customer needs:

  • Increase number of trained and qualified engineers with simulation skills
  • Refresh and/or gain new skill sets
  • Flexible training offerings:

– e-Learning (On-Demand Online training)
– Instructor-Led Training
– Virtual Instructor-Led training

  • Increased access and decreased cost for training
  • Accommodates your schedule without travel
  • Certification Exams for validating simulation skills (more…)
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CATIA V5– Improvement of Data Management in The PLM Context

The new Power’By concept from Dassault Systemes, improves now, the collaboration between users by increasing the capability of managing documents and 3D model data on the 3DExperience platform installed on premises or on the cloud. Now, without any CATIA V5 license, the CATIA V5 model structure can be used and modified directly on the platform, through an internet browser, from any device, in any place.

From the model structure, which can be a combination between V5 and V6 data, the CATIA V5 data can be opened on the CATIA V5, modified and then saved back on the 3DExperience platform from CATIA V5. This process can be done in the context of PLM. For example, from the perspective of the supplier, the following steps can be taken: (more…)

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Enabling the Factory of the Future | Product Performance Lifecycle

Embracing Immersive Virtual Engineering (IVE), Hybrid Twins, and

Product Performance in its full Lifecycle (PPL)

At its inception fifty years ago, CAE 1.0 (Computer Aided Engineering), together with CAD and CAM for Product design and manufacturing respectively, is part of PLM (Product LifecycleManagement). PLM covers overall product development and documentation, while CAE focuses on engineering analyses and simulation of validation testing.

Leveraging the exponential power of HPC (High Performance Computing) and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), CAE 2.0 further provides a powerful digital backbone to accelerate the Product development cycle by incorporating Virtual Manufacturing and its impact on performance testing, including the details of the physics of materials, and therefore delivering a physically representative ‘Virtual Prototype’ (VP) all the way to pre-certification, real or digital.

More recently the spectacular progress of AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), together with the Cloud and IoT (Internet of Things), are transforming the innovation focus from the Product development phase (PLM) to the Product Performance (PPL) in its operational phase, i.e. during its real life without failures or recalls, targeting intelligent/ assisted/ autonomous products, and managing predictive maintenance up to retirement and decommissioning.

This present expectation for CAE 3.0 is a fundamental ‘disruptive’ transformation into Immersive Virtual Engineering (“IVE”): IVE requires an augmented digital representation of the Product no longer in its ‘nominal’ certified state, but ‘ as aged’, possibly damaged, and ‘as interacting’ in its expected operational environment in service, i.e. represented, immersed, animated and interactively piloted as its Virtual Twin (“VT”) in its Virtual Environment. (more…)

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CATIA R2018X Release delivers multiple enhancements for Creative Designers, Engineers and Systems Engineers.

Designers Engineers Systems Engineers
• The overall enhancements for everyone include the new Power’By strategy and the new
Immersive Collaborative Experience
• Designers can take advantage of the new Human Experience app and CATIA’s unified modeling for design workflow.
• Engineers can benefit from the new Stamping Die Designer role and the enhanced
Function Driven Generative Designer role
• All Architecture Engineering and Construction projects can benefit from an extended and enriched industry focused solution for AEC.
• Systems Engineers can enjoy multiple enhancements and additional roles to make your job easier and more productive. (more…)

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MAGIC ENGINEERING – accredited with “Gold Partner Status” and “Certified Education Partner” by Dassault Systemes

MAGIC ENGINEERING is very pleased to confirm it has been accredited by Dassault Systemes for the year 2018 with “GOLD PARTNER” Status and “Certified Education Partner”, and awarded Best Performance of the Year 2017

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