Newsletter June 2018

1. What’s new in V5-6R2018
CATIA V5-6R2018 enhances 21 products and enriches its portfolio with 2 new products. Stamping Die Face Design enables design die surfaces in the context of stamping die tooling design process and Composites Forming Part accelerates the design of formed Composites parts by validating the forming manufacturing process. There is one common goal for these 2 products: to provide user with process oriented application without needing to be an expert.
The 91 extended highlights include: improved usability & productivity with the support of ISO 2553:2013 standard which enriches definition of welding symbols; ready to use PLM Business process like defeature to remove logos, chamfer with hold curve, diablo with faces to kept, silhouette with multiple inputs, healing and remove face; leap forward in Lifelike experience in CATIA Imagine & Shape with new capabilities in manipulation laws, matching and selection.
We will come back with details regarding specific added functionality and on the new products.
DELMIA V5-6R2018 improves its adaptive concentric milling, through several enhancements in pocketing operation with concentric strategy reducing programming time and machining time. AS in V5-6R2017, the library of Robots had been enriched with 70 new models. Work Instruction Composer has added multiple enhancements which increases performance (e.g. saving 60-80% time in Customer Revision and Re-use process).
MAGIC Engineering team can helps you with more details on new functionalities available in V5-6R2018. (more…)

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The new “Power’By” concept, from Dassault Systemes, comes with new benefits and improvements such as:

  • connecting different CAD software (CATIA V6, V5, SolidWorks, NX, Creo, etc.), directly to the 3DExperience platform
  • applying concurrent engineering with different CAD data
  • using the 3DExperience platform with no need to migrate CAD data from one software to another
  • easily navigation of large designs, made by multi-CAD data and modifying the Digital Mockup structure from an internet browser
  • launching the native application, from within the platform, with the right CAD data
  • defining Functional & Tolerancing Annotation from within the 3DExperience platform, using an internet browser
  • extending the capture and sharing of digital mockup reviews (more…)
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ENOVIA Executive Introduction

ENOVIA Executive Introduction

To survive and thrive in a globally connected economy you need continuous innovation. You must be at the heart the global digital transformation. However, first-mover advantages and the benefits of early technology adoption quickly erode without the knowledge and experience of managing new technologies. (more…)

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