The new “Power’By” concept, from Dassault Systemes, comes with new benefits and improvements such as:

  • connecting different CAD software (CATIA V6, V5, SolidWorks, NX, Creo, etc.), directly to the 3DExperience platform
  • applying concurrent engineering with different CAD data
  • using the 3DExperience platform with no need to migrate CAD data from one software to another
  • easily navigation of large designs, made by multi-CAD data and modifying the Digital Mockup structure from an internet browser
  • launching the native application, from within the platform, with the right CAD data
  • defining Functional & Tolerancing Annotation from within the 3DExperience platform, using an internet browser
  • extending the capture and sharing of digital mockup reviews (more…)
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Webinar – From Shape Optimization to Additive Manufacturing

How would it be that the designer to be able to create from the beginning the lighter possible part, for specific material and certain manufacturing process, to meet a certain role into an assembly and to resist under the applied loads?

The answer to this question is already on the 3DExperience platform from Dassault Systemes. Here, the designer, with the 3D Compass in his hand, can share his idea with other people which can work together to create the correct solution, using specific data with the right application.

The applications described on this video are addressed to the designer, to create from start the optimum part, in this case for Additive Manufacturing.

The whole optimization process is done into a single application running within the 3Dexperince platform, which in this case is on the cloud. The process is done without any file conversion and so without information lose. (more…)

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MSC APEX – Mat. Dr. Ing. Mircea Bocioaga, Senior FEA Technical Specialist

MSC Apex is a last generation software that allows finite elements analysis for many components and complex structures.

This innovative program was created to be easy-to-learn and easy-to-use by engineers in finite element analysis applications. The program, based on MSC Software Corporation’s years of experience, allows the user to dramatically reduce the modelling time from day to hours of work. Also, by using the very efficient FEA solver associated to the program, it is possible to optimize the computer resources, by automatically dividing the model in superelements. This way the running time to solve a model is also reduced. (more…)

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From scanned points to CAD surfaces – a MAGIC ENGINEERING webinar

In the webinar you will have the opportunity to discover more about:

  • Preparing cloud points and / or mesh to draw curves and achieve the required surfaces
  • Preparation of curve networks for complex surfaces and joints between their faces
  • Generation of simple and complex surfaces framed, mesh, to a certain tolerance.


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