Dassault Systèmes has just come out with a couple of new bundles that help CATIA V5 customers to obtain a higher added value on the same price tag.

The first bundle is named CATMEE – Mechanical Engineering Excellence and this would be the mechanical design-oriented version of the new package. In classic CATIA V5 configurations terms, previously for this purpose we would have recommended an MD2 trigram or a CAT+MCE bundle based on PLM Express packaging option for CAD designers. This CATMEE option is typically suited for the mechanical solid modeling in CATIA and does not do very much surfacing. CATMEE is an extended CAT+MCE license containing also the functionality to access 3DEXPERIENCE platform directly from CATIA V5 and FPE – Fabricated Product, JTE – Jig and Tool Creation, PRX – Animated Product Review, FTX – 3D Master, and TRE – Technical Specifications Review.

What does it mean in CATIA V5? From a workbench standpoint, the CAC+MCE add-on looks like this:

The new CATMEE option is more consistent and looks like this:

The customer gets Sheet Metal Design, 3D GD&T functionality, Structure Design, and also DMU, additional Kinematics, Space Analysis and Fitting Simulation. These alone could be expensive as an add-on, but here it comes with the bundle. Imagine cutting a section and it still being there when you click OK and being available in the specification tree and updates when you change your part, as well as clearance checks, interference checks.

If you are in the market for a new CATIA V5 seat and you are a mechanical designer customer, you should talk to MAGIC ENGINEERING sales representatives and ask about this package. The new configurations not only helps your productivity, but also helps you expand your capabilities of what kinds of parts and markets you can get into.

The second bundle is named CATMSE – Mechanical and Shape Engineering Excellence, a package we would have previously bundled as either an HD2 or CAT+MCE+HDX on PLM Express. It is designed more for the mechanical and surfacing type of designer role. Traditionally CAT+MCE+HDX overall gave you the GSD version of the Generative Shape Design workbench (better and more sweep functions, laws, 3D annotation, additional dress-up features) as well as a DL1 – Developed Shapes Toolbar in GSD and a light version of Freestyle workbench FS1.

With CATMSE, we have CATMEE – CAT3DX+MCE+FPE+FTX+JTE+PRX+TRE (described above), as well as MPE – Molded Product Creation, HCX – Mechanical Shape Optimization, instead of the above MCE and HDX alone. Also included is FSX – Freestyle Shape Design add-on.

This is a complete and functional seat of CATIA for the mechanical designers using surfaces, like in the CATMEE, sheet metal, and 3D GD&T, as well as all the DMU. Also Healing Assistant is included, the better FMP – Functional Molded Part that includes core & cavity extraction, STL – Rapid Prototyping, GSO – Generative Shape Optimizer functionality, RSO – Realistic Shape Optimizer for morphing engineering parts to calculate deviations, spring back, etc., and a full seat of Free Style FSS with the Freestyle Sketch Tracer, and Freestyle Shape Optimizer FSO. We should also mention that, on top of everything else you have included IFW, CDR, CSV and XCD licenses to connect CATIA to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to manage your data with ENOVIA.

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or reach out with any questions or request regarding these new valuable CATIA V5 license options. MAGIC ENGINEERING team is available for any questions and for all your CATIA training and licensing needs.

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