The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is a business experience platform, which transforms business performance delivering multiple enhancements for Designers, Engineers, Systems Engineers and Construction Professionals.

This new Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA R2021x release FD03 delivers new Roles and enhancements for designers, engineers, systems engineers and construction professionals.

Converters for Design and Styling

Import multiple Design/Styling file formats into 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA with one role

  • Deliver bundle of converters for creative designers and stylists: 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN Models, ICEM Surf Models, McNeal Rhinoceros 3D Models, Autodesk FBX Models, OBJ Models and Collada Models
  • Instead of buying individual converter roles, get all the converters for a project in a single role

Creative Designer

Evaluate human postures and user experience for comfort and safety studies at the early stage of conceptual design

  • Create and animate human avatars with advanced postures
  • Rich specific libraries of high definition humans, environments and materials
  • Immersive VR capabilities to explore in a more realistic way the user interactions with the environment
  • Create and replay scenarios to review variants and make appropriate design decisions


Creative Designer for Transportation & Mobility

With virtual design, explore more ideas for better design creativity, maturity end design success

  • Imagine and explore quickly many creativity styling ideas in 3D with 3D Sketching, Virtual clay Modeling, Color and Material
  • Experience the design intent in context of Human with High-End realtime visual and immersive experience
  • Present your design and make decision with realtime visual experience and accurate photorealistic rendering


Design Ergonomist for Transportation & Mobility

Create and explore conceptual ideas through a comprehensive set of applications addressing ideation, concept modeling and visualization.

  • Import 2D sketches and develop ideas with a unique 3D-Sketching technology.
  • Sculpt in 3D with ultra-fast virtual clay modeling using subdivision surface technology.
  • Design within the context of the Human.
  • Transform real objects to virtual from a set of 2D photos.
  • Visualize products and work on colors and trims with high-end real-time visualization and photo-realistic rendering.
  • Create, edit and modify Ambiences


Human Experience Designer

Express your design intent using human as a reference. Shape ideas with a human in posture for proportion evaluation and concept design validation. Explore and validate the best product user-experience in the early design and engineering phases

  • human motion creation functionalities to better explore the consumer experience
  • high quality integrated rendering with ambiences, material library and global illumination
  • human interactions within experience context
  • human as an avatar in VR review immersive context


Immersive Collaboration Experience

Enable multiple users to experience the same immersive design review in a shared VR world.

  • Connect distributed teams and reduce travel costs.
  • Multiple users can experience the same data in a shared Virtual Reality world.
  • Launch a VR co-review from any CATIA application, without any data preparation.
  • VR avatars allow to enhance communication naturally with gestures.
  • Teleport to another user’s exact position to see what she is talking about.


Product Design Presenter

Create and experience intuitive presentations for brainstorming, review, packaging and validation.

  • Visualize and experience your design for accurate, immediate & defined decision making, working on native and managed CAD data.
  • Replace costly physical prototypes with realistic visualization and immersive experiences.
  • Create highly realistic, review-ready design models with precise material appearances, environments, lighting, cameras, KPIs & design alternatives.
  • Intuitive user experience and a highly realistic view of alternatives.


Reverse Engineer

Create rapid prototypes, 3D-prints and visualize physical objects with reverse engineering with a comprehensive set of applications.

  • Manage, repair, refine and improve scanned and mesh data.
  • Provide various semi-automatic tools to rebuild exact geometry from Mesh.
  • Generate STL or AMF format files from exact geometry for 3D printing.
  • Obtain through global deformation the compensated shape able to absorb deforming physical phenomenon’s.

Style & Class-A Modeler

Create, edit and analyze aesthetic and ergonomic shapes to the highest Class-A surface quality.

  • Achieve high-end surface quality, up to Class-A Standard Quality.
  • Reach a new level of quality and productivity by Integrating the power of CATIA with the precision of ICEM technology.
  • Create, modify, analyze and render any type of aesthetical and ergonomic shape.
  • Deliver final product surfaces, with G3-continuity, based on inputs such as design-sketches, scanned data or subdivision surfaces.
  • Streamline Style, Class-A and Engineering collaboration and convergence.


Templates, Optimization & Rules Designer

Reduce errors and optimize geometry by capturing know-how and best practices.

  • Use EKL scripting to create design workflows and automations and capitalize on company know-how.
  • Interactively create product templates to empower design reuse.
  • Create advanced relational designs with embedded rules and checks to increase design adaptability.
  • Create and use standard checks for geometry methodologies and compliance to avoid expensive redesigns.
  • Utilize established algorithms for design optimizations and create design of experiments.


Transportation Designer

Improve transportation designer’s creativity and gain competitive advantage by design thanks to a complete and unified industrial design solution.

  • Integrate VR capabilities with HTC Vive to enable immersive sketching
  • Explore ideas by sketching in 3D – with a unique and natural 3D-Sketching technology.
  • Sculpt in 3D with ultra-fast Virtual Clay Modeling thanks to subdivision surface technology.
  • Design within the context of the Human.
  • Visualize products and work on colors and trims with high-end real-time visualization and photo-realistic rendering.
  • Design with direct solid modeling and compose products with automated assembly features.
  • New ICEM Design Experience application provides a more productive UX to Surface Modelers.


Virtual Reality Reviewer

Improve understanding with integrated & direct access to immersive VR inside 3DEXPERlENCE applications

  • Experience your design in life-size and stereoscopic visualization for immediate decisions on native data in 1:1 scale.
  • Leverage the direct support of latest Head-Mounted Display devices.
  • Benefit from built-in intuitive navigation and tools for immersive analysis.
  • Detect defects for immediate decision directly in your design or engineering workflow to replace costly and late physical prototypes.
  • Accelerate your decision making with integrated solutions.


Visual Experience Content Collection

Provides a variety of ready-to-use visualization assets, such as material appearances, ambiences, human mannequins and props.

  • A selection of highly realistic, complex material appearances in different categories to serve multiple industries
  • Multiple ambiences providing photorealistic illumination for different products and industries scene background
  • A collection of multiple realistic 3D Humans, fully poseable in different ages, ethnics, genders and professions
  • Props to enrich products and give context in little time and without requiring expert knowledge


Class – A Expert

Enriches the Class-A Modeler role productivity with an additional set of advanced tools for transportation designers.

  • Upgrade Class-A Modeler functions: feature modeling and over-crowning…
  • Increase productivity with specialized and advanced features such as Gap, Blend-corner, Cylinder-glass, Tube and Accelerated surface.
  • Experience new global deformation capabilities.

Design Studio Engineer

Design and manage all technical areas of the model, collaborate with mock-up organization for technical reviews and facilitate link with engineering teams

  • Design and manage all the technical shapes and parts of the model
  • Generate variants and review slides for the modeling team with the right openness for style exploration and iterations
  • Create and manage the product assembly for the design and Class-A team, managing links and access rights

Virtual & Real Reconstruction Designer

Process scanned data from real prototype to generate virtual model

  • Quickly generate virtual models from scanned Real Prototypes
  • Check, repair and optimize scanned data.
  • Prepare Virtual Models for 3DPrinting
  • Visually compare the Virtual Model to check consistency with Real Prototype
  • Immersive and Collaborative Experience for better perception of Virtual model

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