3DVIA helps consumers make important buying decisions in their daily life by delivering rich and engaging 3DEXPERIENCE®.


3DVIA has two separate sales and marketing groups: Enterprise Solutions and Online Services.

  • 3DVIA Home and 3DVIA Store are enterprise solutions (B2B2C). 3DVIA Home is a cloud-based 3D space planning application for kitchen, bath and storage design that home improvement retailers and furniture manufacturers provide to their customers. 3DVIA Store is for retail store concept design. Both products are sold by 3DVIA PSRs and select resellers. Bastien HILLEN leads 3DVIA Home and 3DVIA Store Product Management.
  • For Online Solutions, Home.By.Me is an online, consumer application for interior design, available as a free download (B2C). Marc PAVAGEAU leads Home.By.Me Product Management.

All 3DVIA Applications are on the “3DEXPERIENCE® By.Me” cloud-based platform, which will remain independent of the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform. The applications are available as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

While 3DVIA has a new mission, the 3DVIA legacy products remain and are now managed by other brands. 3DVIA Composer is now managed by the CATIA brand and is renamed to CATIA Composer starting with release R2015x. 3DVIA Store is managed by ENOVIA and rebranded as ENOVIA 3D Merchandising. And 3DVIA Studio Pro and 3DVIA Virtual Training have moved to the 3D Virtual Training Ideas Lab in the EPU Industry.

Who Do We Serve?

3DVIA serves both enterprises and consumers. For enterprise solutions, target industries include CPG, CG and Retail. Specifically, for 3DVIA Home, we serve mid-market and lower-end kitchen, bath and storage retailers and manufacturers. For 3DVIA Store we target retail store chains in Fashion and Apparel, Telecom, Optical, Financial Services, Furniture, Home Décor and Electronics. Within the enterprise, the people who are most interested in our value proposition are those responsible for customer experience, marketing, sales and general management.

What Activities Do We Cover?

3DVIA Enterprise Solutions provides 3D space planning solutions for home and store design. For 3D home space planning, we offer a branded solution that our customers provide to their prospects and customers.

How Do We Deliver The Value?

3DVIA delivers value to enterprises and consumers through the “3DEXPERIENCE® By.Me” platform offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

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