NC Milling Machine Programmer (NTX) enables NC programmers create and validate multi-axis milling programs, allowing them to perform advanced prismatic milling using 2.5 axis operations and the ability to switch to 5-axis motion. Powerful operations let NC programmers control the machining of complex, highly specific areas.

NTX provides a complete range of multi-axis milling strategies, speeding, and simplifying the programming of complex multi-cavity parts with high levels of automation. It includes a full set of features for workpiece setup, cutter tool assembly, and toolpath simulation that include material removal and NC code generation. NTX makes it easy to access current information about machining resources, programs, and machine tool setup. NC programmers can capture and leverage enterprise intellectual property and collaborate with other stakeholders as they develop NC toolpath programs.

Accelerating NC programming, users can quickly author and edit NC programs for multi-axis milling machines. It delivers dedicated multi-pocket operations for efficient machining of 80 percent of the part with a high level of automation. Powerful operations, such as Flank Contouring or Multi-Axis Curve with Interpolated Tool Axis, give NC Programmers full control for machining very specific areas and allow them to complete their jobs. Intuitive graphic dialog boxes, traffic light indicators for undefined machining parameters, and help icons for each parameter operation make the process highly efficient. Tool changes and machine rotations are automatically generated and can be visualized in the machining operation definition panel. Copy-and-paste functions help organize programs in the specification tree. Users can define and store machining processes for complex operations as dedicated templates and store them in catalogs for reuse.