Digital health and personalized care to improve therapeutic outcomes and cures

It’s a gorgeous spring day, so you decide to go for a nice lunchtime run. Winding your way through the woods and past the lake, you realize that you’re on pace for your best time yet.
Then out of the blue, you start having heart trouble, and you have no idea what’s wrong and it’s making you concerned. Forget about completing your three-mile run in under 20 minutes. Your new priority is getting to a medical facility fast before things get even worse.

Doctor on Your Wrist?
Proactive, Engaged and Global Health

That’s how things work in the present day given the boundaries of technology in medicine and biology, but what if there was a different way?  If we could better connect people and data in order to make quicker, more customized medical decisions regarding diagnoses and treatments, it could significantly improve our ability to deliver therapies and cures that improve outcomes and enrich everyday living.  What if you could contact your doctor from your own home, who could then contact a cardiologist for a second opinion in another country, from anywhere, at any time?

And what if your medical records included a virtual simulation of your own heart for your doctor to experiment with different therapies and treatments?   Your home monitoring device could provide valuable information and connect you with worldwide healthcare in the comfort of your own home.  If you can share real time monitoring to your doctor, could he tap into a worldwide network to consult on your case with experts anywhere?  Imagine the possibilities.

So, is it possible to have a Doctor on your wrist?  We are not far from this reality, and smart ways in which to manage data can be a powerful enabler.   Can the power of data transform your organization to a highly productive, seamlessly synchronized, patient-centric innovation and revenue generating machine?  It could be your cure.

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