MSC Apex Modeler is a CAE specific direct modeling and meshing solution that streamlines CAD clean-up, pre-processing (including intelligent geometry modification, one-shot meshing, and automation, etc.) and post-processing workflow. The solution features sophisticated and interactive tools that provide a new and innovative user experience, which helps to improve your daily productivity up to 10x, allowing an efficient connection with Catia and 3D Experience by importing parts and assemblies.

  • Smart Tools – With the embedded Direct Modeling technology, users can create and edit geometry interactively. Just select the entities of interest, such as a face, edge or vertex, and push, pull, or drag to implement any modifications. The mesh will update automatically with geometry modifications, without extra efforts. As a result, the number of tools required is usually 1/10 of that by using traditional software.
  • One-shot Meshing – The high-performance meshing algorithms of Apex are generative and intelligent. Complex solids can be hex meshed by splitting them into hex-meshable cells and suppressing optional edges automatically. Powerful diagnostics tool of meshability can highlight unmeshable elements. Plus, a set of functions, such as face splits, mesh seeds, and outer face meshes, provide a guide to edit mesh. All of the above features are aiming at achieving one-shot mesh and requiring further operations as less as possible.
  • Intelligent Workflows – Apex continuously incorporates useful workflows into Modeler. The most typical ones are incremental mid-surface workflow and Apex- MSC Nastran-Apex workflow. The incremental mid-surfacing plays as an efficient yet powerful tool to extract mid-surfaces from solids with complex geometry and varying thickness. Also, the interaction between Apex and MSC Nastran allow users to combine the generative modeling capacity of Apex with the analysis power of MSC Nastran, the most trusted multidisciplinary FEA solver in the world, to deliver accurate results with up to 1-x the productivity enhancement in pre/post-processing.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Learn – Apex is designed to have multi-purpose tools to make the application easy to use. It also features numerous learning aids such as tutorials, video-based documentation, workflow and at-cursor instructions which allow users at all levels to become productive in the short term without costly traditional training.



Direct Modeling and Meshing Workflow

1. Remove Numerous & Unnecessary Features

Specify feature type, i.e., fillets, chamfers, holes, cylinders, etc., define feature dimension ranges, and automatically remove targeted features from the model.

2. Extract Mid-Surfaces Interactively

Automatically or manually perform mid-surface extraction, options included: auto offset, constant thickness, and distance offset.

3. Repair Geometry with Direct Modeling Technology

Select an edge or vertex and interactively drag it to the desired location. Guidelines give you a preview of the action being performed.

4. One-shot Mesh and Review Mesh Quality

Mesh models based on mesh size, element type, mesh seed and feature.

5. Simple Repair if Necessary and Re-mesh Automatically

Use direct modeling to further repair geometry that may already be meshed. Slivers or cracks may easily be resolved, and the mesh can be quickly regenerated automatically.

6. Automatically Create Thickness and Offset Assignments

Use Auto Thickness and Offset to create numerous property definitions for shell elements, and export to the BDF file format.


Bulkhead of Fuselage
Time Spent
Today’s Workflow
MSC Apex Workflow
Expertise Required
Analysis Geometry

35 hrs3 hrs
Mesh Creation3 hrs2 hrs
Property Assignments12 hrs0.5 hrs
Complete Entire Scenario50 hrs5.5 hrs
Injection Molded Plastic Part
Time Spent
Today’s Workflow
MSC Apex Workflow
Expertise Required
Analysis Geometry

7 hrs0.75 hrs
Mesh Creation2 hrs0.17 hrs
Property Assignments1 hrs0.08 hrs
Complete Entire Scenario10 hrs1 hr

Apex-Nastran-Apex Workflow

1.Import Nastran BDF Files

Import legacy Finite Element Models files (for example, MSC Nastran BDF files) into Apex, withautomatic clean-up. Apex is
capable of importing large assembly structures.

2. Regenerate Geometry from Mesh Directly

Re-generate geometry directly from mesh using Facetted Surface Tool, which is a significant step of Apex’s unique support of “orphan-mesh

3. Add/Modify Geometry As Needed

Add CAD part or modify geometry with generative and intelligent geometry edition tools. Mesh will be updated automatically with geometry modifications.

4. Export BDF Files for External MSC Nastran Analysis

Export model into MSC Nastran BDF files. Users can also edit BDF files directly.

5. External MSC Nastran Analysis

Perform analysis with external MSC Nastran solver, combining the power of most trusted FEA solver in the world to deliver accurate results.

6. Import HDF5 Files Back for Post-Processing

Import HDF5 files back to Apex for post-processing by using powerful result exploration tools.

Powerful Meshing Capacity

1. Accurate Hex Meshing

Users now have more control tools to set mesh control points, which is useful for meshing irregular areas, for example, fillets.

2. Feature-Based Meshing

Intuitive feature setting parameters are provided to control mesh generation at corresponding regions.

3. Generative Edge Tie Function

The smart edge tie function helps users to generate connectivity at free edges of components by a click, from which further high-order geometry generation can benefit.

4. Incremental Surface Meshing Capacity

To create a high-quality mesh, Apex allows users to pinpoint some specific areas or features to create local optimal mesh at first; then the global optimal mesh can be created quickly.