In order to support the CAE engineering activities on the Romanian market, we provide for our prospects and customers a very rich FEA Bundle to be used in their daily job, containing the essential tools

MSC Apex, direct modeling and CAD-and-Mesh solution a game changer in the industrial design and engineering simulation solutions market

Patran – a comprehensive pre- and post-processing environment for finite element analysis, helping engineers to conceptualize, develop and test product designs

MSC Nastran the world’s first FEA structural analysis code that is still the gold standard in a wide range of industries and applications

MSC Apex Modeler is a CAE specific direct modeling and meshing solution that streamlines CAD clean-up, pre-processing (including intelligent geometry modification, one-shot meshing, and automation, etc.) and post-processing workflow. The solution features sophisticated and interactive tools that provide a new and innovative user experience, which helps to improve your daily productivity up to 10x, allowing an efficient connection with Catia and 3D Experience by importing parts and assemblies.

  • Smart Tools – With the embedded Direct Modeling technology, users can create and edit geometry interactively. Just select the entities of interest, such as a face, edge or vertex, and push, pull, or drag to implement any modifications. The mesh will update automatically with geometry modifications, without extra efforts. As a result, the number of tools required is usually 1/10 of that by using traditional software.
  • One-shot Meshing – The high-performance meshing algorithms of Apex are generative and intelligent. Complex solids can be hex meshed by splitting them into hex-meshable cells and suppressing optional edges automatically. Powerful diagnostics tool of meshability can highlight unmeshable elements. Plus, a set of functions, such as face splits, mesh seeds, and outer face meshes, provide a guide to edit mesh. All of the above features are aiming at achieving one-shot mesh and requiring further operations as less as possible.
  • Intelligent Workflows – Apex continuously incorporates useful workflows into Modeler. The most typical ones are incremental mid-surface workflow and Apex- MSC Nastran-Apex workflow. The incremental mid-surfacing plays as an efficient yet powerful tool to extract mid-surfaces from solids with complex geometry and varying thickness. Also, the interaction between Apex and MSC Nastran allow users to combine the generative modeling capacity of Apex with the analysis power of MSC Nastran, the most trusted multidisciplinary FEA solver in the world, to deliver accurate results with up to 1-x the productivity enhancement in pre/post-processing.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Learn – Apex is designed to have multi-purpose tools to make the application easy to use. It also features numerous learning aids such as tutorials, video-based documentation, workflow and at-cursor instructions which allow users at all levels to become productive in the short term without costly traditional training.

Patran is a comprehensive pre- and post-processing environment for FEA analysis and helps engineers to virtually conceptualize, develop and test product designs. Used by the world’s leading manufacturing companies as their standard tool for the creation and analysis of simulation models, Patran links design, analysis, and results evaluation in a single environment.

  • Once the .bdf and geometry are exported from MSC Apex, use Patran to:
  • Import and associate the .bdf and/or geometry
  • Define loads, supports/constraints, materials, analysis parameters

Review results of a stress, vibration, fatigue or other supported analysis type.


MSC Nastran Linear Structures Package is ideal for users who design structures that are expected to exhibit linear response under applied loads. MSC Nastran’s optimized architecture enables you to solve models, small to large, in an efficient manner. You can also analyze assemblies and interaction between components through the easy to use linear contact capabilities. Thermal and small nonlinear analysis capabilities supported by this package also help you solve heat transfer problems and scenarios with small strain nonlinearities, with the stress exceeding yield value. Capabilities available with this package include:

• Linear Statics

• Modal Analysis

• Buckling

• Connectors

• MSC Nastran Adams Integration

• Linear Contact


• Dynamics

• Heat Transfer

• Shared Memory Parallel (SMP)

• Dynamic Design Analysis Method (DDAM)

• Acoustics

• Superelements

• Basic Nonlinear

MSC Nastran SOL 400 provides advanced nonlinear capabilities by merging the proven technology from Marc with MSC Nastran. It makes it possible for MSC Nastran users to add advanced nonlinear capabilities to their already existing linear models without leaving their familiar simulation platform. Structural analysts have successfully used Nastran nonlinear analysis to solve structural problems as large as an aircraft wing panel post buckling, and problems as small as a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) component leads.

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