MSC Nastran Desktop

Multidiscipline Simulation for your Desktop
Designed specifically for suppliers and mid-sized manufacturing companies, MSC Nastran Desktop have been custom built based on the requirements of those with diverse high-end simulation technology needs and increasing cost pressure challenges.

MSC Nastran Desktop provides flexible, low-cost access to leading CAE solutions of MSC Nastran and Adams through a scalable, common, and integrated easy to use system of SimXpert. This cost-effective solution allows the companies keep their CAE costs in control while still taking advantage of the best-in-class simulation solutions.

The modular package options of the Desktop solution enable businesses to use the capabilities now, while giving them the freedom to scale with their growing needs. Engineers can start with the MSC Nastran capabilities that fit their current FEA needs and easily move up to more advanced functionality while remaining in the same user environment, leading to accelerated productivity and shorter learning curve.

Linear Analysis of Components and Assemblies
MSC Nastran Desktop Structures is the base desktop solution tailored to stress engineers working on components, assemblies and structures subjected to static and dynamic loads. Engineers can analyze any structural component with ease, determine if the structure is going to buckle or yield, and ensure the design performs within tolerance limits.

Through the use of robust joints and connectors, interaction and load transfer between components of an assembly is made easy. The linear contact capability of MSC Nastran expands the possibilities of simulation studies that can be performed, while the intuitive and easy set up saves users significant set up time and improves productivity.

Complete Functional Performance of Mechanical Systems
In addition to the capabilities of MSC Nastran Structures package, engineers can also study functional performance of systems using the multibody dynamics (MBD) and kinematics capabilities available in this package. You can use this solution to get accurate loads for subsequent FE analyses, and perform flexible body integration (coupling of motion analysis/stress analysis) to make more accurate design decisions earlier in the development cycle and reduce physical test costs.

Comprehensive Dynamic Analysis of Assemblies
This package, which is an add-on to Structures package, helps structural dynamics and acoustics engineers virtually simulate designs that are subjected to advanced dynamic loading conditions. With this solution, engineers can analyze both static and dynamic loads, and study interior acoustic behaviors such as noise and vibration.

Nonlinear Analysis of Components and Assemblies
When you are dealing with designs exhibiting nonlinear behavior, MSC Nastran Desktop Advanced Structures is the solution for you. It is tailored to structural engineers simulating nonlinear and multiphysics problems including nonlinear materials, contact, large strain and displacement behaviors, and thermo-mechanical coupling. The same easy to use contact analysis capability available in Structures Package is also available here with ability to address large displacements and rotations.

Nonlinear and System Analysis Solution
This package helps you simulate events with nonlinear components and assemblies, while also helping you study the functional performance of the systems with the multibody dynamics capabilities. By obtaining accurate loads through the system analysis, engineers can obtain better stress/deformation results of their structures.

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