CATIA V5– Improvement of Data Management in The PLM Context

The new Power’By concept from Dassault Systemes, improves now, the collaboration between users by increasing the capability of managing documents and 3D model data on the 3DExperience platform installed on premises or on the cloud. Now, without any CATIA V5 license, the CATIA V5 model structure can be used and modified directly on the platform, through an internet browser, from any device, in any place.

From the model structure, which can be a combination between V5 and V6 data, the CATIA V5 data can be opened on the CATIA V5, modified and then saved back on the 3DExperience platform from CATIA V5. This process can be done in the context of PLM. For example, from the perspective of the supplier, the following steps can be taken:

  • The supplier receives from the client, within or outside the 3DExperience platform, a request to modify a part on a 3D assembly.
  • If the client is not working inside the platform, then the supplier needs to import the data received from the client.
  • If the client is connected to the platform than the supplier’s Program Manager will just review the task created by the client.
  • Inside the platform, the Program Manager creates a task for Designer to modify the part in assembly.
  • The Designer easily finds a similar part inside the platform, from another project, and replaces it quickly to the assembly within the platform (without opening CATIA).
  • After the Program Manager (or even the supplier) reviewed the assembly within the platform, he initiates the modifying procedure, named Change Action, assigning it to the Designer.
  • The Designer is notified that this Change Action is assigned to him, then opens the assembly in CATIA V5, implements the change required, saves back to the 3DExperience platform and closes the Change Action process.
  • The Program Manager easily compares the old and the new assembly within the platform and approves the modification.
  • The client reviews the changes and releases the part into the fabrication.

This new way of collaborative working simplifies the PLM processes due to Power’By capabilities whether we talk about Change Management, Project Management or BOM Management.

The Power’By concept gives a new value to the 3DExperience platform, but it is just one of the ways that the platform evolves.