Simufact Additive

“Optimizing the Additive Manufacturing Process”

Simufact Additive is a powerful simulation environment for getting “right the first time” optimization of powder bed additive manufacturing processes for metals.
This simulation tool allows accurate prediction of the distortion and residual stresses in the printed part and provides the needed guidance for design and manufacturing process modifications to ensure that a quality part is manufactured from the very first time. Simulation with Simufact Additive enables users optimize the 3-D printing process to reduce time and material waste.

Why use Simufact Additive as part of your AM process?
  • Quickly analyze your entire AM process
  • Quickly and accurately simulate and optimize parts
  • Optimize post-manufacturing processes

Additive Manufacturing Workflow with Simufact Additive

  1. Geometry and Create Mesh
  2. Generate Support Structures
  3.  Calibrate Manufacturing Strains: Calibrate the simulated manufacturing strains to closely match with test data.
  4.  Simulate Multi-stage Printing Process
  5.  Simulate Post-Manufacturing Steps
  6. Optimize Process


7. Materials  can be downloaded clicking the icons below: